What is Cataract Eye Surgery?

Cataract surgery is the removal of cloudy lens and replacing it with the artificial lens. Cataract is an age related problem in most of the cases. Due to aging changes the clear crystalline lens of the eye becomes cloudy and vision become blurry. In most of the cases of cataract patient’s vision does not improve with glasses.

When patient face difficulties in doing distance work like watching television, doing outdoor activities, driving etc. then the patient should consult to eye specialist for cataract assessment.

On eye examination if a significant cataract is present then option of cataract surgery can be discussed with a doctor. Cataract surgery is a painless day care procedure. In this surgery patient don’t require to get admitted in the hospital. Patient can come and go on the same day after surgery.

Types of Cataract Eye Surgery

The modern day Cataract Eye Surgery is a safe and quick procedure. It is painless, bladeless, stichless. No injectable anesthesia is required for the surgery. Most of the cases are done in topical anesthesia drops. The patient didn’t requires putting any patch after the surgery on the eyes. Before planning for cataract surgery doctor and hospital should choose very carefully. Hospital accreditation like NABH should be looked for. Doctor should be well trained in performing cataract surgery. Cataract surgery can be done with different techniques and with the help of different machines.

1. Phacoemulsification Surgery

In phacoemulsification procedure 3 incisions with the blade are given on the black part(cornea) of eye then lens is broken into small pieces with the help of ultrasound energy machine and then aspirated into phaco probe. After removing the cataract artificial lens is placed in the eye.. After the surgery patient require postoperative medications and patient is usually fit for work after1 week of the surgery. This technique is being in use from last 2 decades.

2.Laser Cataract Surgery

This is the most advance procedure for cataract removal practiced worldwide. This procedure is also called bladeless cataract surgery or femtosecond laser cataract surgery or Robotic cataract surgery. As this is a laser based procedure no surgical blade is used in the surgery. Because of the accurate precision chances of intraoperative complications are minimal. In laser cataract surgery, laser makes the corneal incision and cut the cataract lens in multiple small pieces and then these pieces are removed from the eye and new artificial lens is placed in the eye. The advantage of this procedure is faster visual recovery and less chances of post operative infection. The limitation is the higher cost of this procedure.

Cataract Surgery Procedure

Cataract surgery is a removal of natural lens of the eye which become cloudy and replacing it with an artificial lens. Cataract surgery is a day care procedure in which patient come to the hospital get the surgery done and discharged after a few hours. Modern day cataract surgery has become very advance and safe. The surgical procedure is done under topical anesthesia. No injections are given for surgery. No bandage and no stitches are required in modern day cataract surgery.

During the procedure corneal incisions are made with either blade or by laser machine. After making the incisions cloudy lens is broken in small pieces and removed from the eye with the help of phaco machine. In place of natural lens artificial intraocular lens is placed.

In post operative period eye drops are prescribed which patient has to use for a period of one month. After 1 week of surgery patient can go back to his work.

Contact the hospital immediately in cases of:

– Severe pain
– Significant decrease in vision
– Increase in eyelid swelling
– Increase redness

At 1-month post operative visit doctor prescribes the glasses. Results of cataract surgery is usually good and satisfactory.

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