The DGHS Approved Hospital Bharti Eye Hospital has earned a good name in these years for serving the best quality treatment to the patients. State government employees receive an extended support from the government. They get access to various services and facilities at no, or minimal, costs. These facilities include health care facilities which can be very crucial for many as they are not only available for the employees themselves, but for their dependents as well. The Delhi Government Health Scheme, or DGHS, is one such initiative by the Delhi government for their employees.

We are a DGHS approved Eye Hospital in Delhi, which provides services to government employees under the scheme. Our aim is to provide every patient with the best possible treatment, and the one that is best suited to them. With exceptional facilities and use of the latest technology in treatment procedures, our mission is to make health care accessible and affordable for as many people as we can. Our procedures are performed by skilled specialists and keep the safety of the patients as the top priority. These procedures include Oculoplasty, Lasik eye surgery, Glaucoma, Retina and Vitreous, Refractive surgery and many more.

Under the scheme, DGHS employees can benefit from these high quality facilities at minimal costs. The benefits are extended to not only the employees but their dependents too. This helps us fulfil the goal of providing affordable eye care to the public. In addition, we believe in innovating ways and procedures that minimize costs for patients while maintaining the quality and safety of the same. So, if you are a DGHS covered employee in Delhi, make sure you avail the services under DGHS at Bharti Hospital!

  • DGHS Approved Hosiptal In Delhi
  • Expertise In Diagnosis And Treatment Of All Eye Problems
  • Experienced Specialists In The Field Of Ophthalmology
  • Affordable And Clear Pricing System