Lasik Eye Surgery - Lasik Laser Vision Correction

Best Lasik Eye Specialist Surgeon in Delhi, Bharti Eye Hospital is considered among the Top Lasik Eye Surgery in Delhi NCR, Greater Kailash, Patel Nagar, Okhla, Dwarka, and all over India owing to its quality Lasik Eye Surgery services at affordable cost. Our dedicated team of Lasik Eye Surgery Specialists makes us well-poised to emerge as the famous doctors for Lasik Laser Eye Surgery treatment in Delhi!

Dr. S. Bharti is using the Nidek EC5000 Cx3 “Quest” Custom-LASIK machine for accurate and safe laser vision correction. The system uses iris registration software to detect small errors in eye rotation, allowing for more accurate correction of astigmatism.

The Cx3 is a wavefront-guided laser delivery system for custom LASIK, correcting refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, and can also correct mixed powers.

  • Blade Lasik Surgery
  • Femto Lasik Surgery
  • Topo Guided Lasik (Type of Bladeless Lasik)
  • Wave Front Guided Lasik (Type of Bladeless Lasik)

LASIK is a two-stage procedure that creates a 90-130 micron thickness flap, which is then reflected and exposed to the corneal stroma called the “bed.” The cornea’s curvature is modified using laser shots, resulting in an un-interrupted surface. The flap adheres to the bed quickly, without the need for stitches or bandages. Vision improves with time, often becoming perfect in one day.



SBK (Thin) lasik is safer for eyes with high powers, as it spares corneal thickness,
allowing more residual thickness after laser ablation. New generation
microkeratomes have special heads for this procedure.

Presbyopia is a condition where individuals need near glasses after 40 years.
Presby-LASIK is a new procedure that uses laser vision correction to correct both
far and near vision. This unique corneal remodeling creates three zones, allowing
individuals over 40 years of age to experience independence from both vision.

Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Delhi, India

Laser eye surgery cost in Delhi varies from procedure to procedure. Blade Lasik is cheaper than bladeless Lasik. If charges of Bladeless Lasik are compared to SMILE then SMILE is costlier. The charges for surgery also differ from doctor to doctor depending upon his experience and his results. To know more about the cost of these different laser vision correction call on 011 29240000

Best Lasik Surgeons & Doctors in Delhi

Dr. S. Bharti has vast experience in doing LASIK procedures from last 3 decades. He has performed live surgery on LASIK to various state and national meetings. He has trained many lasik surgeons from all over the world.

Questions & Answers

Am I fit for LASIK surgery?

For lasik surgery these things has to be there:
– Age more than 18 years
– No change in glass power in last one year
– Normal pentacam test

How safe is lasik procedure

LASIK is a safe procedure. Millions of cases have been done around the world and results are accurate and procedure is safe.

After lasik when my vision will be clear

Your vision will be clear the very next day.

How many days I have to be off from my work?

3 days break from office work is enough. No bed rest is required after the surgery.

can I go swimming after LASIK

Swimming is allowed after 1 month of LASIK procedure.

Can I watch TV or mobile after lasik

From the very next day you can watch TV or mobile

Is Lasik surgery painful?

it’s a painless procedure. Surgery will be done under topical anesthetic eye drop.

Can I drive in Night?

yes night driving is allowed after Lasik surgery

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