Oculoplastic surgeries refer to procedures to correct disorders in and around the eyelids. Aesthetic surgery refers to cosmetic improvement of frown lines, crow feet, ageing lines, sunken eyes, tired looking eyes etc.

Oculoplastic and aesthetic services at Bharti Eye Hospital are attended to by very senior and internationally trained specialists. We at Bharti Eye Hospital use the latest equipment and the most modern technology for treatment.

Ocular conditions that are corrected by Oculoplastic surgeries include eyelid malpositions, lacrimal disease, orbital disease, trauma (eyelid, orbital and facial), neoplasms (eyelid, orbital and facial), Graves’ disease, and aesthetic procedures.

Best Oculoplastic Surgery Surgeons in Delhi, Bharti Eye Hospital is considered among the Top Oculoplastic Specialist in Delhi NCR, Greater Kailash, Patel Nagar, Okhla, Dwarka, and all over India owing to its quality Oculoplastic Surgery services at affordable cost. Our dedicated team of Oculoplastic  Eye Surgery Specialists makes us well-poised to emerge as the famous doctors for Oculoplastic treatment in Delhi!

Oculoplasty surgeries available in our hospital

  1. Eyelid surgery
  2. Ptosis repair (all types)
  3. Eyelid malpositions (ectropion, entropion, etc.)
  4. Tumor excision and reconstruction
  5. Trauma repair
  6. Skin and tissue grafts
  7. Congenital conditions repair
  8. Lacrimal surgery
  9. Syringing and probing
  10. Silicone stents
  11. Balloon dacryocystoplasty
  12. Dacryocystorhinostomy (external and endoscopic)
  13. Lacrimal Trauma repair
  14. Orbital surgery
  15. Biopsy
  16. Orbitotomy (all approaches)
  17. Tumor removal
  18. Orbital decompression
  19. Orbital Trauma repair ( fractures, orbital foreign bodies, etc.)
  20. Anophthalmos
  21. Enucleation
  22. Evisceration
  23. Exenteration
  24. Fornix reconstruction
  25. Socket expansion

Aesthetic procedures:

  1. Upper and lower blepharoplasty
  2. Botox and fillers
  3. Blepharoplasty
  4. Autologous Fat-transfer
  5. Brow lifts

Best Oculoplastic Surgeon in Delhi, India

Bharti Eye Hospital has the best oculoplastic services in Delhi. Oculoplastic departments deal with problems of eyelids like droopy eyelids, entropion and ectropion. Problems related with nasolacrimal ducts. DCR, DCT, Syringing and probing procedures are also done. Facial aesthetics, botox, fillers, treatment for lid bags like blepharoplasty are done at our hospital. Oculoplastic surgeries need a lot of expertise and precision for the best outcomes. Team at Bharti Eye Hospital is well equipped and trained in oculoplastic surgeries. The oculoplastic surgeons at our hospital are fellowship trained for managing the complex cases. Artificial eye implant, prosthesis are also done here.

The common symptoms that require oculoplastic surgeons opinion are excessive twitching of eyelids, excessive watering, absent lid crease, excessive fold around eye lids, droopy eyelids, difference in size of eyeballs. Patients with lid tumour or any skin tag, around the lid need oculoplastic treatment and can be managed at our hospital. Patients with uncontrolled thyroid develops thyroid ophthalmopathy in which eyeball bulges forward and needs surgical intervention to make it look normal. Eyeball decompression surgeries are routinely performed by our oculoplastic surgeon’s team.

Bharti Eye Hospital has the most advanced oculoplastic department, we have one of the best oculoplastic surgeons in Delhi, India

Question & Answer

What is the treatment of excessive watering?

Excessive watering can be due to many causes like infection, inflammation, dryness but the most common cause is blockage in nasolacrimal duct. To confirm the diagnosis, a syringing test is done. Once the diagnosis is confirmed then treatment is advised accordingly.

What are the causes of droopy eyelids?

Droopy eyelids are also called Ptosis in medical terminology. Ptosis can be by birth, after injury to the eye and in old age due to lack of muscle power of eyelids.

What is the treatment of Ptosis?

Ptosis can be treated by surgical correction. This surgery has a very good success rate. The surgery takes almost 30 minutes.

What is an artificial eye ?

Artificial eye is made up of special material that gets fit properly in the eye. Artificial eye or ocular prosthesis is advised in patients in which eyeball is damaged due to trauma or where eyeball is absent by birth. The colour, size and shape is matched from the other eye of the patient to look cosmetically better. These prosthesis need not to be removed everyday.

What is Botox and fillers?

Botox and Fillers are very commonly used substances in various indications. Botox is primarily used in eyes with excessive twitching and blepharospasm. Fillers are used for reshaping the fine curves around the eye and to make it look good.