• Cataract/Lens Surgery

    Cataract Surgery @Bharti Eye Hospital.

    PHACO-EMULSIFICATION for no-injection – no-stitch – no-bandage cataract surgery is another field where Bharti Eye Hospital is a leading center in the country. Dr. S. Bharti is the first surgeon in Delhi to begin eye drop anaesthesia for phaco-cataract surgery in 1997. Bharti Eye Hospital was the first to acquire the Sovereign Phaco Machine and Zeiss IOL master in the Asia Pacific for excellence in this field.

    Cataract/Lens Surgery
  • Cornea Transplant

    Are You Ready For a DOL Audit?

    The cornea unit consists of well-trained corneal surgeons and is well equipped with instrumentation and technology to provide state-of-the-art care for patients suffering from a wide variety of corneal diseases.

    The cornea unit caters to the efficient diagnosis and management of a wide range of corneal diseases.

    Cornea Transplant
  • Lasik Eye Surgery

    Lasik Surgery @Bharti Eye Hospital.

    Dr. S. Bharti is now using the latest Nidek EC5000 Cx3 “Quest” custom-lasik machine for the most accurate results and safety. The Nidek Cx3 system incorporates the latest iris registration software to detect smallest error in eye rotation (the torsion movement) during laser vision correction for more accurate correction of astigmatism. The Cx3 is a wavefront guided laser delivery system for custom lasik. The lasik (laser-in-situ Keratimilleusis) corrects all types of refractive errors (spectacle powers) like myopia (minus) hyperopia (plus) and astigmatism (cylinder). It can correct mixed powers also (cross compound).

    Lasik Eye Surgery
  • Glaucoma Surgery

    Best Hospital of Glaucoma Management & Treatment

    Glaucoma is a group of disorders in which the main risk factor is high fluid pressure within the eye. All glaucoma disorders are characterized by vision loss, caused by damage to the optic nerve. The optic nerve provides the pathway from the eyeball to the brain. If a doctor discovers it early and the patient follows directions carefully, the damaging effects of glaucoma can be addressed.

    Glaucoma Surgery
  • Retina Surgery

    The Retina Is The Fine Film That Coats The Inside Of The Eyeball.

    It consists of special cells that convert light into electrical impulses. These electrical signals are sent to the brain where they are processed enabling us to ‘see’. The central part of the retina is called the macula. This area is responsible for fine vision and colour perception.

    Retina Surgery
  • Smile Eye Surgery

    Best Hospital of Smile Eye Surgery

    Bharti Eye Hospital offers SMILE or small incision lenticule extraction which was first introduced in 2012. We are a pioneer in laser vision correction technology in north india for almost 3 decades and keep up with all the advancements. The femtoscent laser is used during the smile surgery to for extraction of a thin corneal leticule. We are the best hospital for all laser vision correction surgery including blade free vision correction to help with eye surgery procedure.

    Smile Eye Surgery
  • Phacoemulsification

    Phacoemulsification ( Phaco = Lens, Emulsification)

    Phacoemulsification ( Phaco = lens, emulsification) or phaco as it is popularly called is a technique where the lens is broken into small pieces , emulsified and then aspirated.

    The ultrasound energy is used to emulsify the cataract. A handpiece with quartz crystals is used to produce the ultrasonic energy which moves the tip of 0.9 to 1.4 mm size back and forth to hit and emulsify the cataract.

  • Refractive Surgery


    During a LASIK procedure, a circular corneal flap is created first with a femtosecond laser. After the corneal flap is established it is then raised. The surgeon then uses an excimer laser to reshape on the underlying stroma by removing the appropriate corneal tissue for vision correction.


    SMILE (small incision lenticule extraction) is a laser eye surgery intended to correct near sightedness (often in higher degrees of severity) astigmatism to improve the patient’s overall vision. SMILE is the most recently developed mainstream laser eye surgery to earn consideration for widespread treatment. Although it is relatively new, refractive errors in over three million eyes have been corrected by SMILE as of June 2020.


    Cornea Lenticule Extraction for Advanced Refractive Correction (CLEAR) is a femtosecond laser surgery that is used to correct Myopia and Astigmatism without creating a corneal flap, similar to SMILE but created with a low energy laser.

    Refractive Surgery
  • Oculoplasty & Asthetics

    Oculoplasty Surgery @Bharti Eye Hospital.

    Oculoplastic surgeries refer to procedures to correct disorders in and around the eyelids. Aesthetic surgery refers to cosmetic improvement of frown lines, crow feet, ageing lines, sunken eyes, tired looking eyes etc.

    Oculoplastic and aesthetic services at Bharti eye are attended to by very senior and internationally trained specialists. We at Bharti eye use the latest equipment and the most modern technology for treatment.

    Oculoplasty & Asthetics
  • Contact Lens

    Contact Lens @Bharti Eye Hospital.

    A contact lens, or simply contact, is a thin lens placed directly on the surface of the eye. Contact lenses are considered medical devices and can be worn to correct vision, or for cosmetic or therapeutic reasons Contact lenses provide better peripheral vision as compared to spectacles. This provides more comfort while driving, playing sports, swimming and other outdoor activities.

    Contact Lens
  • Pediatric Ophthalmology

    Pediatric Ophthalmology @Bharti Eye Hospital.

    The Pediatric Ophthalmology, squint and neuro ophthalmology service involves not only diagnosis and management of various facets of pediatric eye disorders like refractive error, childhood cataract, glaucoma, amblyopia, squint, congenital anomalies, etc.. but also adult patients with squint/ double vision, nerve paralysis.

    Pediatric Ophthalmology