Can Wearing Glasses Help in Preventing COVID-19? Researches And Studies

Everyone is fighting the pandemic in their own way. The only feasible way to reduce the virus spread is to safeguard yourself. Everyone has to follow hygienic measures to curb the virus spread. Regularly sanitizing your hands and wearing masks are the two basic things you need to do. There are a bunch of things […]

Corneal Transplant

Corneal Transplant – Key Points to Remember

The cornea is your eye’s transparent layer. Its basic function is to focus light on the eye and enable you to see. However, there are certain conditions where the cornea gets damaged. These include: ● Corneal ulcers caused by infection ● Hereditary eye diseases ● Injury on the eye that leads to cornea scarring ● […]

eye care while working on computer

Eye Care Tips When You Work from Home

The present pandemic situation has opened the concept of work from home to the world. As a result, we are more equipped with our laptops and computer systems in front of our eyes. The working hours have become longer as compared to regular office hours. We spend more time in front of the computer when […]

Eye Test

Contact Lenses vs. LASIK vs. Glasses: Which One is Best?

There are different modern treatment options available these days to treat refractive errors of the eye. One such method is the LASIK treatment. It is a laser eye surgery that can successfully correct vision problems. But some may argue that getting contacts or glasses are better options than surgery. So let’s discuss the details of […]

LASIK Surgery

LASIK Surgery – Common Myths & Facts Explained

LASIK is the most common and popular refractive surgery for a wide range of typical vision issues. However, there’s still a significant deal of misinformation spreading around that may prevent people from hunting a suitable treatment. The reality is that LASIK is an effective and safe process with a high success rate. The outpatient process […]

Optometrist vs Ophthalmologist

Optometrist vs Ophthalmologist – Choose An Eye Doctor Wisely

You’re having trouble watching things. It might be a sudden discrepancy in your ability to see or a long-standing problem of deteriorating vision. So what is your first step? Of course, you’ll visit the doctor. But when looking for an eye specialist, one common issue people experience is that they have to decide between getting […]

Eye Care

Eye Care Tips During Covid-19 Pandemic – Updated August 2020

Coronavirus is a virus that can affect your eye health. It can spread through the eyes apart from the mouth and nose. If a person infected with coronavirus sneezes or coughs in front of a healthy person, the virus particles may transfer to the healthy person through the eye. Again you may accidentally touch your […]

Glaucoma Patient

Guidelines for Glaucoma Patient to Stay Safe During the Latest Pandemic

Glaucoma patients have damaged optic nerves which are responsible for vision. In the current lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, healthcare workers and patients are both overwhelmed by the disease, which is highly transmissible. The infectious disease can spread through direct and indirect contact, leading to deadly results. While the whole world is in a […]

How to Take Care of Your Eyes After LASIK Eye Surgery?

A large section of the global population needs some sort of vision correction as they suffer from poor eyesight, mostly myopia. Wearing glasses or contact lenses are the most common remedies for this handicap that affects old & young alike. But both glasses and lenses have their share of drawbacks. You need to maintain them […]

SMILE Eye Surgery – Is It Different From LASIK

Vision is what introduces the world to us. Although we rarely pay much attention to our eyes on an average day, there are times when our eyes become a reason for discomfort, stress and inconvenience. A research report published in the Indian Journal of Opthalmology estimates the number of people needing cataract surgery may shoot […]