Bharti Eye Hospital: Your Expert for Keratoconus Treatment in Delhi

Keratoconus is a progressive eye condition that affects the shape of the cornea ultimately impacting one’s vision and quality of life. Bharti Eye Hospital stands as the preferred choice for those seeking expert care for Keratoconus treatment. Our  goal is to provide complete Keratoconus treatment which includes surgery aimed to restore clarity and improve vision.

It is crucial that you understand what Keratoconus is before looking into treatment options. In this condition the cornea gradually becomes thin and bulges into a cone-like shape which ultimately distorts vision and makes it difficult to see at night. If left untreated Keratoconus can worsen and even cause severe vision loss.

We at Bharti Eye Hospital understand the complication of this disease and are dedicated to provide individualised care according to each patient’s unique requirements. Our team of leading Keratoconus experts combine their knowledge with the latest Ophthalmic technology to provide exceptional treatment outcomes.

It is not possible to treat Keratoconus in a way that works for everyone. Hence, Bharti Eye Hospital offers complete care including full evaluation to assess  the severity of the ailment and choose the best course of action. Next our specialists work closely with the patients to create a customised treatment plan that includes a mix of therapies like collagen cross-linking, specialty contact lenses and surgery if required.

Surgical treatment is required in certain cases of advanced Keratoconus in order to restore vision and stop the disease from progressing. At Bharti Eye Hospital we offer cutting edge Keratoconus surgery performed by our skilled ophthalmic surgeons with experience in procedures such as intracorneal ring segment implantation and corneal transplantation. These treatments are done to reshape the cornea and restore eyesight giving hope to  the patients suffering from Keratoconus.

At Bharti Eye Hospital we understand the impact of Keratoconus on your life.  If you are in Delhi and seeking specialised care for Keratoconus then look no further. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take the first step towards reclaiming your eyesight.

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