Bharti Eye Hospital is CGHS Approved Hospital since many years running successfully with efficient doctors and staffs. The central government employees enjoy a whole lot of fringe benefits. This includes comprehensive health care as well. The government has a special scheme known as the Central Government Health Scheme, which provides health care facilities for their employees as well as pensioners. This is just another way the government supports its employees and even their dependents, by providing easy access to high-quality facilities and services.

We are a CGHS Approved Hospital in Delhi with speciality in eye care. Our treatments and procedures are of a wide variety including Lasik Eye surgery, Refractive surgery, Cornea services, Cataract surgery and many more. With all these services and facilities, we aim to provide our patients with treatments with the most recent technology and least inconvenience. Our doctors are highly professional in their work and understand that every patient has different needs and circumstances; they treat and prescribe according to these differing conditions. Hence, you can be rest assured about your treatment and medicines.

The CGHS is a great initiative to make medical services accessible to many people in need. The well-maintained and exceptional facilities can be accessed at minimal costs; this includes not only the employees but their dependents as well. Just make sure you have your CGHS card whenever you visit the hospital, and the rest is taken care of !

  • Advanced Equipment
  • Well-Equipped OTs
  • More Than 10Lakh+ Patient Strong
  • 10Lakh+ Eye Surgeries
  • Best Surgeons
  • For Using World-Class Technology In Our Treatments