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Pediatric Ophthalmology

Pediatric ophthalmology

The Pediatric Ophthalmology, squint and neuro ophthalmology service involves not only diagnosis and management of various facets of pediatric eye disorders like refractive error, childhood cataract, glaucoma, amblyopia, squint, congenital anomalies,etc.. but also adult patients with squint/ double vision, nerve paralysis.

The facility available includes a comprehensive array of tests and therapy:

  • Visual acuity testing
  • Fixation targets for distance and near & accommodative near targets
  • Prisms (Fresnel prisms and prism bars)
  • Worth Four dots Test torch for near and distance
  • Bagolini's glasses 6. Stereoacuity charts (Titmus Fly test, Random dot test)
  • Neutral density bar
  • Contrast sensitivity tests
  • Color vision charts (Ishiara's test)

Sophisticated instruments for various surgeries like:-

  • Correction of vertical and horizontal squints
  • Cataract surgery and secondary IOL implantation
  • Childhood eye injuries
  • Minor procedures like foreign body removal and chalazion etc.
  • Amblyopia therapy
  • Eye exercises

Symptoms of Eye Problems in Children?

Symptoms of Eye Problems in Children Contrary to popular perception, the eye problems in children are unique from from adults and need specific treatment. Eye examination by a doctor are an important way to detect problems with your Childs vision. Problems that are found early have a better chance of being treated successfully. A child may not be able to tell us if there is anything wrong with his/her vision. Every asymptomatic child must have a routine eye check up before 3 years of age. However, if any problem is suspected or in the case of risk factors, an eye evaluation should be done as early as possible. A child may complain of Watering Redness of the aye Itching of the eyes Stickiness of the eyes Recurrent swelling on the eyelid Frequent blinking of the eye Crossed eye or the two eyes may not see together or squint Bangs into things while walking Goes too close while watching TV Does not copy well from the black board in school Parents notice a white reflex in the eyes One of both eyes drooping or appear too small or too big Eyes are overly sensitive to light Any child with a history of the following needs an immediate eye evaluation Prematurity Difficult birth Mother had high blood pressure, diabetes, hypothyroidism during pregnancy Very high grade fevers/ epilepsy/ febrile convulsions or fits/ ventilator Family history of eye problems like poor vision, squint, glaucoma, glasses use, retinal problems On medication for any reason for a long time. Most eye problems in children are treatable if detected early. The visual system in a child at birth is still developing and continues to do so till eight to ten years of age. Any problems in vision have a bigger impact as they hamper normal visual development and can lead to amblyopia or lazy eye. On the other hand, early treatment can reverse the damage and facilitate the development of normal vision.

Pediatric Eye Specialist in Delhi, India

Dr. Archana Gupta Mahajan is a Pediatric Eye Specialist in Delhi, India and working as senior consultant at Bharti Eye Hospital. She completed her fellowship in Pediatric Ophthalmology, Squint and Neuro ophthalmology. Dr Mahajan has been working in the Pediatric Eye Services at Bharti Eye Hospital for the last 10 years running a department with trained personnel handling children and young adults with all kinds of vision complaints and problems. Considered an authority on the subject, she specializes in the eye problems in children including management of refractive errors, amblyopia, squint and other pathological conditions. She has extensive experience with squint assessment and evaluation and its surgical and non-surgical management. Her special expertise includes not only horizontal muscles but also complex and failed/revision/ redo squint surgeries. A member of All India Ophthalmological Society, Delhi Ophthalmological Society and The Strabismological Society of India, she is invited as a faculty to present at various conferences and CMES. An avid academician, she has many papers in international peer review journals to her credit.

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