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Bharti Eye Hospital is geared to welcome international patients. We offer the latest in cutting edge technologies and our super-specialist doctors are handpicked from the premium institutions of the country and abroad. Our surgeons are among the best in the country that have hone their skills in the premier institutions of India & abroad and have specialized in vision correction surgeries.

Right from the start our team of surgeons has steered hard, keep updated with the latest in the field of eye surgery the world over. Our team of faculty includes some of the most renowned names in the eye surgery in the country some of the most prominent ophthalmologists in the country are in our team.

The quest for excellence in various fields of ophthalmology remains as strong as ever, it is this quest for providing quality eye care to a large cross section of people which prompted the doctors at Bharti Eye Hospital to come up with the idea of a center of excellence in eye care. When you choose Bharti Eye Hospital to avail eye care treatment, be assured that you’ve chosen the most preferred destination in eye care like million other patients. Keep reading the FAQs to resolve any query that might be on your mind.

Why India?

Huge pool of trained manpower - Surgeons who are at cutting edge of technology, vast surgical experience because of phenomenal surgical volumes.

The advantage of fluency of average population in English language-person travelling finds communication easy.

Improved infrastructure - Hospitals and other infrastructure are fast coming up to the standards of other developed countries.

Chain reaction - One satisfied patient tells another 100 People.

Cost - The costing of surgical procedures is fraction of the cost compared to other developed countries.

Cultural heritage - India abounds in places of vast tourist interest and tourist spots that are the top flavour for the foreign tourists who can combine their visit for the treatment along with visiting tourist spots afterwards in a short duration of stay all within fraction of the cost expected.

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