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Femto Cataract Eye Surgery

Bharti Eye Hospital has acquired the First LenSx (Alcon USA) Femtosecond Laser for Cataract Surgery in Delhi. LenSx is currently the only FDA (USA) approved Laser for Cataract surgery.

LASER Cataract surgery is the latest technology for Safe and Perfect cataract operation each and every time done with LASER rays without using any blade.

Till now the procedure for cataract operation was Phaco-emulsification or "Phaco" in which the cataract is emulsified with ultrasonic waves and is then removed from the eye through a small cut from which a Foldable IOL is inserted.

There has been tremendous improvement in technique of Cataract Surgery since 500 B.C. when Susruta from India did the first Cataract operation.

Till now the Cataract operation was a manual technique where a round opening is made in the membrane around the Cataract and then the Cataract is divided with Ultrasound waves called Phaco-emulsification followed by implantation of the IOL. There are many critical steps the most important of them is formation of a round opening by pulling and tearing the membrane called anterior capsule. These steps can be executed only with a limited precision manually. Also the possibility of complications is upto 1-2%.

NOW we offer a innovative technology which is a revolution in Cataract surgery offering unparalleled precision and reproducibility.

The first step in the Femto laser cataract surgery is measurement of the eye. OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) measures the size shape ant thickness of Cornea. It determines the anterior and posterior srfaces of cataract along with it's thickness. According to these measurements the surgeon defines the steps to be performed by the Femto Laser.

The LenSx Femtosecond laser will perform the anterior capsulotomy(The round opening in the membrane) , will divide the cataract into multiple pieces according to the choice of the surgeon and make corneal incisions. All this without any Blade and without entering the eye. The opening in the capsule is twice as strong and 5 times more accurate in size and shape as compared to the manual opening. The placement of cuts is defined by the surgeon to control post cataract astigmatism.

The lens softening and fragmentation helps in easy emulsification and removal of Cataract. The corneal incisions are multiplanar and selfsealing.

This revolutionary technology increases the safety and precision in Cataract surgery.


  • Laser cuts are very precise
  • Blade Less Laser
  • Takes less than 1 minute
  • Predictable to a great extent
  • All entry ports are made with laser
  • The cataract is divided by laser
  • No damage to cornea is possible with laser
  • Complicated cases can be done easily
  • Very hard cataract easily done
  • Most steps done without entering the eye

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