Eye Care Tips During Covid-19 Pandemic

Eye Care

Coronavirus is a virus that can affect your eye health. It can spread through the eyes apart from the mouth and nose. If a person infected with coronavirus sneezes or coughs in front of a healthy person, the virus particles may transfer to the healthy person through the eye.

Again you may accidentally touch your eyes after coming in contact with the virus particles, which will infect your eye, and the virus will enter the body. Thus it is essential to take eye care during the COVID 19 pandemic.

How To Take Care Of Your Eyes During COVID Pandemic?

You may get reddish or pink eyes with or without watery discharges, but you need not panic. Not all eye infection symptoms will be similar to coronavirus. All you need to do is follow simple preventive steps for eye care during the COVID 19 pandemic. Make sure you call your ophthalmologist or consult an eye specialist on call to address your eye issue immediately. You must delay talking to a doctor online (over call or email) regarding your eye problems.

Here is the list of guidelines for eye care during the pandemic.

Cover Your Hands, Nose, Mouth, And Eyes Properly

Guarding your eyes with glasses or sunglasses is essential to eye care during COVID 19 situations. People must protect their eyes so that virus particles cannot travel to their eyes. You can also wear bigger protective goggles.

Wearing a mask to cover the mouth and nose is necessary for the COVID situation. It will ensure that the virus does not get transferred from an infected person to a healthy one.

Another essential thing to wear is the gloves. It will help protect your hands from touching any surface unknowingly that already has COVID 19 virus particles.

Contact Lens Wearer Should Switch To Glasses

To maintain proper eye hygiene and protect your eyes from any potential infection during COVID situations, contact lens wearers need to switch to glasses more frequently. That way, they can cover their eyes. Wearing contacts does not give protection to the eyes. Your eyes remain exposed, which is why it is advised to wear glass for eye care during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Stock Your General Eye Health Medications

If you have any eye disease and are under medications, make sure you keep medicines stocked. Especially critical patients with eye issues need to store medication as per their prescriptions to avoid unwanted problems during COVID situations. Even people with healthy eyes can keep over-the-counter eye drops or ointments for any seasonal eye infections. Such medicines always come handy for eye care during the pandemic.

Do Not Rub Your Eyes

Many have this natural habit of rubbing their eyes often. But this habit needs to be stopped at this COVID 19 situation. Even if you have to, always wash your hands properly and sanitize them before your sub or touch your eyes. In case you have dry eyes, you must carry proper eye drops to keep your eyes moisturized.

Digital Screen Users Should Take Rest

People who have to work on computers daily or use mobiles a lot, need to rest their eyes frequently. Too much exposure to blue light and glare from the digital device can cause eye strain, dry eyes, and weak vision.

Always take a break of 20 minutes in between work and look at any object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This 20-20-20 rule is a great way to reduce eye strain, and every digital device user must follow this for better eye health.

Again, make sure your computer screen is at your eye level, and your seating arrangement is ideal for work. The device screen must not be too close to your eyes.

As mentioned above, the rules are not just for eye care during the pandemic, but they are also beneficial for general eye care. For more information, you can ask your eye doctor regarding simple eye care tips to maintain during coronavirus pandemic.

Most importantly, keep social distancing, maintain personal hygiene, and avoid contact with a person with no nose or mouth protection. You can stay safe if you follow simple rules and be conscious of yourself.