Contact Lenses vs. LASIK vs. Glasses: Which One is Best?

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There are different modern treatment options available these days to treat refractive errors of the eye. One such method is the LASIK treatment. It is a laser eye surgery that can successfully correct vision problems.

But some may argue that getting contacts or glasses are better options than surgery. So let’s discuss the details of contacts, glasses and LASIK surgery.


The lowest effort solution to your refractive errors is a pair of glasses. All you have to do is consult an eye specialist and get your eyes checked. You will get a new pair of glasses as per the prescription given by your eye specialist doctor.

Pros: The best part of the glasses is that they are very handy; you can carry them anywhere. You can always get a new pair with a new frame style. You can get extra protection by taking UV protected glasses. And there is a huge range of lenses with different functions available. For instance, you can wear glare-protection glasses while working before computer screens.

Cons: The most common reason while many dislike getting spectacles is that it can be easily damaged. The frame or the lenses may get a scratch and you have to change the whole pair. Also, glasses are unsuitable for people who are involved in sports activities.


If you want to compare contact lenses vs. glasses, the former is always more functional and easy to handle. Contact lenses are great for people who are active in sports activities. Many think that glasses make one look dull and aged. But contacts have cosmetic value and you can even find them in different colours.

Pros: Anyone with refractive errors can get contacts after a thorough diagnosis of the eye. You do not have to worry about its damage just like glasses. You can easily wear them anywhere you travel.

Cons: Contacts are more expensive than glasses. They also tend to make your eyes dry over time. Also, contact lenses need high maintenance so that your eyes remain protected from any infection.

If you compare contact lenses vs. LASIK, the latter is always a better option that gives a permanent solution.


LASIK is a very popular laser eye treatment that is known for its fast recovery and most pain-free experience. The results of LASIK are permanent and cost-effective too.

But not everyone is suitable for LASIK treatment. Also, this treatment cannot be done below 18 years of age. Some may even need reading corrections after the age of 40.

LASIK treatment is comparatively expensive and there are certain limitations involved. Yet it is still the most successful and effective treatment option for refractive errors such as myopia and hyperopia.

If you compare contact lenses vs. LASIK surgery, the latter may be the best solution. But contact lenses are better options for candidates who are not eligible for LASIK. Also, lenses are widely available and anyone can get them without any trouble.

LASIK treatment, on the other hand, offers a long term solution. You do not have to change lenses or undergo different eye treatments after LASIK for vision correction. You may need to wear your prescribed glasses after a certain age for temporary purposes.

For LASIK vs. glasses, the latter is a recurring investment and is not cost-effective. Once you get a pair of glasses, you will have to carry them everywhere and get your eyes checked regularly. With LASIK, this extra cost of regular eye checkups can be minimised.


  • LASIK is a simple and quick method. It can be done on an outpatient basis. Patients do not need to stay in the hospital overnight. The patient is given local anesthesia and some medicines to feel relaxed during the procedure.
  • The patient’s eye is protected in such a way that the laser will not damage your eye.
  • The recovery phase is very fast and the patient can get back to normal work within a few days.
  • The improvement of vision though varies from patient to patient it is mostly successful. Most people report that they get crystal clear vision within a few days.
  • Side effects are very minimum and temporary.
  • It is possible to gain a full 20/20 vision after LASIK treatment. But your doctor may go for a little less than 20/20 vision so that some changes can be done later.


  • LASIK may not be the right choice for everyone. One of the reasons is that not every candidate has a strong cornea. LASIK treatment creating a corneal flap. So it is not the right choice for patients with weak cornea.
  • The result of LASIK is not the same for all ages. For example, the result of a 25 years old will be different from a 40 years old person.
  • Some side-effects may create discomfort for patients. Certain side effects last for about 3 months that includes itching, poor night vision, light sensitivity, dry eyes and pain. Patients may also experience glares and halos for many weeks after the treatment.
  • You may need a second treatment if your vision is not properly corrected. Also, some may require using glasses for certain activities even after LASIK.

What Should You Choose- LASIK, Glasses, Contacts?

If you need a simple, affordable and stylish solution to your refractive errors of the eye, you can get a pair of glasses. Just make sure you consult with an experienced doctor to get the right vision report.

If you are an active person or an athlete, you may want to get contacts. They have cosmetic importance, come in various colours, are easy to wear and are functional.
LASIK is a surgery that may be costly, but in the long run, it is very effective.

Talk to your eye specialist today to learn about the best possible solution for your eyes. It is important to understand that the solutions depend on the type of problem. For some, glasses or contacts are best, but laser surgery is right.

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