3 Things You Must Know About Keratoconus: Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment

In normal conditions, you have a dome shape of the cornea. It looks pretty similar to a small ball. Keratoconus experts believe that in some cases, the weak structure of the cornea fails to hold its shape for longer. It bulges outward and takes a cone shape. Change in this shape and capability of the cornea is called keratoconus. Collagen is the primary strengthening source of your cornea, which firmly holds its actual shape. When you lack this protein fibre in your body it may result in keratoconus. Effective keratoconus treatment is available in our country. But for that timely symptom identification, early detection, and approach to a right keratoconus specialist is important. Below are three important things that you must know about keratoconus.

1. Keratoconus symptoms: Generally, we ignore the changes that appear in our life. Each symptom is an indication that something is happening inside our bodies. Our eyes are one of the most important organs. Be very careful if you notice any change in it. Keratoconus symptoms include the change in cornea shape. Also the change in the cornea surface. Yes, it is true that the smooth cornea surface turns wavy. That affects your vision differently. Some Keratoconus patients complain of poor near vision and some face trouble due to double vision. Blurred vision and light streaks also participate in the symptoms of keratoconus. Keratoconus surgery and transplants are highly effective treatments for the best results in this condition.

2. Keratoconus causes: There are no identified causes of keratoconus disease. As per different case studies, experts relate the following conditions responsible for keratoconus:

Family history: This is the cause that can give you this eye disease from your birth. If anyone from your family has ever suffered from this condition then keep monitoring your eye vision and shape. If you find any change then don’t delay to consult with the keratoconus specialist.

Systemic disorders: Below are some conditions that can lead you to suffer from keratoconus:

● Down syndrome

● Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

● Osteogenesis imperfecta

● Retinitis pigmentosa

Inflammation and allergies: Patients with asthma are more likely to face this eye trouble. Atopic eye disorder is also responsible for causing keratoconus in some cases. It happens because of the breakdown of your eye cornea tissues. Keratoconus surgeons can effectively treat this issue. A small period of rest is required post-surgery.

Eye rubbing habit: Many kids and adults have a habit of rubbing their eyes so tightly and so often, that can impact harshly on your cornea tissues and damage them. Weak tissues fail to hold their structure and the results appear in the form of keratoconus.

3. Keratoconus treatment: Corneal topography and some other options are used to diagnose this problem. New eyeglasses, keratoconus surgery, keratoconus transplant, and other methods are used to treat this problem. Transplantation is also a safe keratoconus treatment. The success ratio of this special kind of transplant is so high. So, you can rely on the procedure to clear your vision and improve your eye cornea structure.

Patients looking for keratoconus treatment must visit NCR places. India’s top performing keratoconus surgeons are available in Delhi, Greater Kailash, Patel Nagar, and Dwarka. Don’t delay as it can cause major difficulties in your daily life. The blurred or triple ghost vision can lead to risks to your life as well.

Protect your eye cornea to see this wonderful world and enjoy your life with the beauty all around.